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First of all, sorry for not uploading from last 2 weeks. The mic I was using has completely damaged and I had no option, but to buy a new microphone. So, I decided to buy a good microphone and had finally bought Neewer NW-700, Condenser Microphone. The mic has to come from Trenton, New Jersey, United States. At the time of writing this post, according to the tracking information, the package has left Hyderabad, India and I am sure, It will reach withing a day or so. Once I got the mic delivered, I will make a video on the quality of the mic, although I have seen 40 – 60 YouTube video about the mic, for me it looked great. So, in this post, I will tell you some of the changes I made to my YouTube channel.

High Quality Videos

Before, I was making all my videos in 720×1280, which is also called 720p HD. Now I have seen many videos with this same resolution. I think that one of the main differences between other Tech YouTube channels and Vasanth Developer is that, the quality is high in Vasanth Developer. So, I am very happy to announce you that, from now I will be making FULL HD, 1080p or 1920×1080 videos on YouTube. I also have a plan to make 4K videos but the time will depend on your support. So, please support my on my Patreon, so I can upgrade to 4K as soon as possible.

New Thumbnail Design

At the time of making the thumbnail design, I thought that these thumbnails will tell my viewers that this video belongs to me, and also I have seen several attractive thumbnails which are messy, no one can get a clear picture about what the video is, without seeing the thumbnail for a minute. So I decided that my thumbnail should be minimal and clean. But now I feel that my old thumbnails were not so artistic and did not give me more chance of creativity. So from now on words, I will be updating my thumbnails. Of course my old thumbnails will still be there for my past videos, but from now the design has changed. All my thumbnails will have an orange card at the top, so it tells my viewers that this video is made by me, but also the other space can be used for anything. Now it depends on how my mind gets creative about thumbnails in the left over space.

New Intro

As I have said you earlier that I have upgraded my video quality, the Intro which I was using is only 720p, and the videos which I make from now, will be in 1080p. So, I don’t want to loose the quality of the video due to the 10 second intro. So, In the time of delivery of the mic, I thought why not make a new intro. This intro is now 1080p,  so I now don’t need to scale my video to 720p due to the intro.

New Watermark

From last 7 – 10 days, I am seeing my most liked YouTubers getting copied. So, I thought to have a semi-transparent watermark on the top left corner of the video. And from now, I don’t think I will need the default YouTube watermark, and hence will be removed.

New Video Procedure

Till now I was using Camtasia Studio 9, to record video as well as edit my videos. But from now, I will be switching to iSpring Free Cam for recording and Adobe Premiere Pro for editing my videos. The problem with Camtasia was that, after spending hours editing a video, I was stuck on the rendering and I got to struggle with it for several days to get the render done. So, Its Premiere Now !

Conclusion :

I don’t want this post to be a kilometer long, so let’s end it here. I have made a lot more changes (upgrades) to my channel. If you are new to my channel, then please subscribe to Vasanth Developer, by clicking the link.

So, thanks for reading this post, please watch the below video for more information.


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