How To Create Online Graphics Without Photoshop

This is great, so we have got 3K views, By name I thank everyone who watch my videos till now will ask you to continue to watch like this. Today’s post/video will be about how you can create beautiful and graphics without having to learn or use Adobe Photoshop.

Introducing Snappa

Snappa is a website where you can create awesome graphics without Adobe Photoshop, it is free but no completely free. Click here to watch a video where I have showed an alternative if you don’t want to use Snappa for some reason. Of course you can use Snappa for free for unlimited time, but there are some limits. So instead of thinking it as a trial version, let’s say it is a version with less features.

Getting Started

To get started, just visit Snappa website by clicking here, once you go there just signup or create an account. Once done, you should in a page similar to this.

Snappa Dashboard

Let’s Get Creative

Now, you can select which ever size you want, there are many different presets. Most popular social media websites are all supported. First you have some post images for different social media. Then you get to see, some custom image sizes for your blog or website, then you will find some header images for popular websites. You even have an option to create beautiful ads, so there are some popular ads sizes. Finally there are some generic ad sizes. For this video, I will be selecting a Facebook Post, select a preset you want to create. Now select a template to get creative, for me its blank.

Done !

After you have designed you image, finally just download the image by clicking the download button, and selecting the image size you want, they even have a retina option.


So, this website is for those people who cannot afford photoshop, or don’t want to get advanced, or even the specs of your machine are not compatible, or any other reason you have, Snappa is a comparable option with photoshop. By graphics I mean not photo editing, I mean creating banners, posters, thumbnails and other cool stuff. So,

Thank You 🙂

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