5 Best Free Stock Footage Websites For YouTube

Hey buddy, On my last video, I have used some images in between my video : Fuchsia – Google’s New Operating System. So I thought of making a video from where I got those images, basically stock footage in YouTube. Here what happens is you download a video and its licence is only for personal use. Or if you use it in your videos, you cannot monetize, sometimes you even have to give credits to the creator of the actual content, even if you have an hour of content but use his video for 2 seconds you have to. So, I found a solution for this problem. Below are my 5 Best free stock footage websites for YouTube. You can use then these websites without giving credits, the best part is you even can monetize your video without any issue.



First on the list we have Videvo. Videvo provides you 4K videos for free. You can monetize in YouTube with these videos in included in your project. This website has a large amount of stock media. Now there are two license types with Videvo. The first one is Videvo Standard License. As of me, most of the videos are in this license, which means you do not need to credit the author, or the Videvo website for downloading and use a clip in YouTube video. The second major license is CC 3.0. As you all know, you can use it or free, but should credit the Videvo and the author of the video clip.

Visit Videvo.net



Unlike Videvo, Pexels only has 1 license and that is CC 0. Creative Commons 0, is a license in which you need not give any credits and can use the material anywhere you want without limits. At Pexels not only stock videos, you can also download high quality videos for free. As I have seen Pexels concentrates more in stock images rather than stock videos, but I think you can get good amount of stock videos also. It is worth it to check the stock videos at Pexels.

Visit Pexels.com


Welcome to the world of Eezy Network. This company has 4 website for Photoshop Brushes, Vector Graphics, Stock Videos, Website Themes. Sorry, I could not get the license and terms for these, but as I have seen, you have to credit the authors of the content. Personally I found that Pexels is a better website than Videezy but, this is also a great place to check out. If you have not found a particular type of video clip on Pexels you can check here, because Videezy has better and large videos stock footage.

Visit Videezy.com



I have been using Unsplash from last 3 years, and it is super cool. All the images are in high quality. I have also shown Unsplash in a video earlier called : 9 Useful Websites For Designers & Developers and I would like to show once again, because it is that cool. I have never experienced any copyright issues, sometimes it is hard to find the image you are looking for. You have to find the right keyword to get an image I want. The image library is way bigger than any other website. These images are not licensed because you can use it for whatever you want. Literally there are no limits. Daily I download 1 image from Unsplash as my desktop wallpaper. Also, if I has not told you, Unsplash does not support videos. You only can download stock photos. They are so awesome !

Visit Unsplash.com



It would be better if we call StockSnap a web application rather than a website. StockSnap makes your creativity unlimited. All the images are licenced under CC 0. Which means you can use it anywhere anyhow you want in your projects and YouTube videos without any permission. For a content creator like myself, we always need stock images and videos, for that StockSnap has a feature called Newsletter, in which you will get the latest and most popular free stock images emailed to you. Now I won’t say much about StockSnap because you will see it.

Visit Stocksnap.io


So, as you have seen my 5 best and free website to download stock videos/images, I highly recommend you to watch my YouTube video also, because I have got even deep in the video. Also if you love what I do, please support me on my Patreon.

Thank You 🙂

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