10 Best Free Fonts

Hello, In this article, you will see 10 best free fonts, If you are one of my subscribers then you will know that recently, I have released a new video about 10 Best Free Fonts, So in this is the written article to that video.

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This font is created by Samuel Oakes and Alfredo Marco Pradil. It is licensed under SIL Open Font License. It supports 8 languages, It also partially supports Igbo Qnwu language. But there are some missing glyphs in the partially supported language. You can use this font by applying a simple snippet into your HTML website.The snippet code can be found on the project page of the font.

Project Page

Google Noto

Google Noto is a huge font with almost 8000 languages support and around 1500 writing systems, you can download and use Noto for free, It has many Indian Languages also, But it also supports other languages also. If you want to download the font in one click just click on the download button below, but the font is huge, I mean 477 MB of the zip file. This file will be the all in one download link for this font. Also, this font has a mono typeface.

Project Page

Fira Sans

So, this font is very popular in Mozilla community, it is the Mozilla Firefox logo font, It was actually developed for Mozilla OS, and has over 2500 glyphs in it. It is now improved too. It is open source and in version 4.2, it has 16 weights and 2 styles. Fira Mono is still in progress and has around 1500 glyphs in 3 weights.

Project Page


Cassannet includes 6 styles, it is a vintage type font, found in posters. There is nothing much to say about it but, it not an open source font, but its free, you can pay around 5 – 3 euros to get the complete font for either web or for the desktop.

Project Page


Kano is a geometric font designed by Frederick Lee. This font is free for personal and commercial use, so you don’t need to pay anything to the user. If you wish you can backlink to the author but it is not mandatory, this is what I call open source. This font is available in only 1 weight and 1 style, so that is Kano Regular.

Project Page


There is not much information on the project page, except that it is an experiment, created by Arron Croasdell. The font can be downloaded from the project page.

Project Page


Anurati was my favorite font till I changed my Logo, It is created by Emmeran Richard. The author of this font says that you can edit, download and use this font for free for personal and commercial use, without paying anything. So this is a completely open source font.

Project Page


Arabella is a font designed by MySunday Type Foundry, it is best suitable for logos, signatures, branding things, or giving a small quote. It comes in TTF (True Type Font), and the project page claims that it is a freebie but, I could not find the license of it.

Project Page


This font is not an open source font because it sells apart of the font, only you can download the Cyrillic type font. And use if personally, you can’t even use it for commercial purpose. But I like this font so, I included it in this list. This font was first created in 2015, comes under Grunge category.

Project Page


So, this is the 10th font in this list, and it is a brush font ideal for designing of posters, cover images and lot more. So, this font comes with all the Latin characters and numbers, of course, English too. This font is created by Kriisijanis M. And can be downloaded in the format of OTF (Open Type Font). Looks like you have to donate in order to download the font, but I don’t think it is mandatory.

Project Page

ENTA (Bonus Font)

So, another non-open source font, but I liked it, so I decided to add it as a bonus font in this list. This font is free for personal use. It comes with 415 glyphs and Cyrillic and Latin extended. It is a bold font, mostly suitable for logos and branding stuff. You can download this font from the project page.

Project Page

Now, there are some things I would like to tell, after reading this post, and they are –

All the images are not made by me, and I got them from Freebiesbug.com

Another thing I will surely tell you is that, all the fonts in this post which claim that they are free only for personal use, It is not recommended to use them on YouTube Videos, If you have done make a video, either just keep it private or make sure it is not monetized and proper credits are given. In any case, I am not responsible for any legal problem, using these fonts. Why I am making this post is that They were useful to me, and I hope that they will be useful to you. And with that being said,

Thank You!

And Have A Nice Day!

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